Asus Transformer Duet coupon, discount and promo code

Asus introduced its Transformer Duet РA laptop that could possibly operate as both a laptop and tablet, dual-booted in between Windows 8 and Android. Not only that, It has a very good price, only $599. Update the list of Asus Transformer Duet coupon, discount and promo code in August 2018 and own it at better price.

Asus Transformer Duet coupon

Posted by James Redel at 53 minutes ago, August 19, 2018.

To own it earliest, you can Pre-order (without charge) from or wait to this tablet is available on Walmart, CostCo, Target or Best Buy, Newegg and get one. Some ways to save your money:

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Asus Transformer Duet coupon code, Asus Transformer Duet promo code on Walmart, Amazon, CostCo, Best Buy, Target, Newegg in August 2018

Now, the firm’s revealing a new model with a refreshing objective: Known as the “world’s first ever quad-mode, dual-OS laptop computer and convertible tablet,” the Transformer Duet TD300 allows you to alternate between both Windows 8.1 and Android 4.2 operating system with only a single on-the-spot change button. Significantly, The Transformer Duet only need 4 seconds to do this, and it can be ready to use right away. Asus Transformer Duet coupon code may be called : Asus Duet discount, Asus Transformer Duet promo code.

Exactly what is amazing about the Transformer Duet is the specifications that it carries on board. Let’s begin with the display; it has a 13.3-inch Full HD 1920 x 1080 screen; multi touch features and a front-facing “HD video camera”, 128GB of the latest SSD storage, Micro SD memory card slot (support up to 64GB), 4G 1600MHz RAM and an Intel i7 core processor. The keyboard dock likewise adds an extra share to the device, housing a 1TB HDD, 1 USB 3.0 and 1 USB 2.0 ports, with a LAN and HDMI port. Also, the tablet provides up to 7 hours of battery life if it’s used alone, or 5 hours if docked because it has to power the hard drive.

Asus Transformer Duet discount and deals August 2018

Have many chances to get this tablet cheaper: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas or New Year etc. At that times, you can see some Asus Transformer Duet deals and sales off. In addition, you can get Asus Transformer Duet discount August 2018 in random times on (may be $30 off or $50 off).

Asus Transformer Duet discount and deals August 2018 (model: TD300)

Beyond Asus’ earlier effort, Samsung attempted this dual-boot trick in 2012 with its Ativ Q, though the brand-new Asus version looks like a traditional ultrabook in the beginning. It has the standard folding aspect instead of the gliding keyboard that Samsung made use of and looks quite a bit like Asus’ various other laptops. Its 13.3-inch multitouch screen features a solid 1,920 x 1,080 resolution; it does not quite match the Ativ Q however ought to still be strong in many major aspects. That 13.3-inch screen and resolutions definitely makes Asus’ brand-new version much more appealing than the Ativ Q. (Asus Transformer Book Duet has official name: TD300). You can learn more Asus T100 discount August 2018 – Another featured Windows 8 tablet.

Of all, much of the Transformer Duet’s success will rely on its cost – Asus is selling the Duet for $599. That’s rather budget friendly, though we’ll need to see just how it does in real-world. There’s likewise no particular launch day yet, and we’re not sure about the demand there is for devices that runs both Android and Windows – if you have been a big fan of convertible devices which have multi-use features, or a heavy users in both Google and Microsoft’s ecosystems, this could potentially be an excellent choice for you. Now with the Asus Transformer Duet coupon and Asus Transformer Duet TD300 discount August 2018, you can enjoy movies & films or works with Officie and more.

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